Lalla Shepherd

25 y.o.


Likes Women

Wodenmouth, [UK]


An orphan and street urchin taken in by Oliver Willie and raised at his sports club, where she learns to fight and race. She made a name for herself in runabout tours- street races in refurbished small cars, before joining the Royal Army and becoming known as a hero during the War, joining a team of people from multiple nations titled International Allied Squad. She returns and makes her living as a racer.

She�s brash and arrogant, reckless, and rushes without thought. Her inflexibility and hatred of morality escalates things quickly. However, she�s not an idiot- she�s clever and only acts as she does out of a full confidence that whatever problem comes, she�s got the skills and wit to work it out. She�ll bite off more than she can chew sometimes, but she�ll refuse to admit she�s in trouble.

Her arrogance also tends to act as a front for her insecurities. If left alone she tends to self-doubt and melancholy. She uses people�s opinions of her as a crutch and doesn�t take well to failing or being made the fool. Her somewhat morbid jokes or disinterested attitude covers an anxiety over others� wellbeing and quick sobering when afraid for them.

Befriends Jackie and Lily after a fight in Fumdon that leads to the three being recruited as �sheriffs�. After meeting Sally starts being the subject of the latter�s journalistic efforts, eventually leading to romance.

Jackie Pollard

22 y.o.

Female (MtF)

Likes Men

Poindexter, Contessa

Born Jacques Pourrart, descendent from an old family of pirates. Was a member of the Sullivan Kidd Pirate Crew as a musician where she developed her sharpshooting skills. After a big adventure that led to the crew splitting up, she wandered around until ending up in Fumdon, working as a DJ.

She�s pragmatic and not the best at improvising on the moment, keeping an eye on her mates all the time. She�s got the tactical and diplomatic skills to make plans and get people to follow them. With all that in mind, her drive is adventure, not heroics- she helps where she can, but she wants to see new things, not to be lauded as a superhero. She�s one of the only characters who can match Lalla in a verbal sparring match.

Her main flaw is her pragmatism taken to the extreme- she�ll listen to mind over heart and preach to others over listening to them.

She�s kept in contact with people from the old Crew such as Minnie, and otherwise has befriended locals in Fumdon such as [Tekno], a regular visitor to her shows. Might�ve had a fling with Felix in their younger years.

L�rio �Lily Rock� Rocha

24 y.o.


Likes Men

Aguavem quarter of Seilao

Born in an Yurre island, she�s an Aguavenese from Vincente who led a gang of youth delinquents known as the Peach Cave Demons in their base, an abandoned pub titled Rock Rendezvous. She then left to travel the world, learning sport fighting and magic, looking for a [macguffin] before she can return home. This has led her to Fumdon, where she�s making her living as a model and general socialite, under a localised name.

She�s emotional, mischievous, speaks her mind, and is confident of how her skills are above others, which can come as arrogant when she states it as a fact. She tends to call herself and others as with the monicker �ole�, as in �ol� Lily�. Unlike Lalla, this doesn�t hide any insecurities- she knows who she is and accepts it, never going for more than she thinks she can handle- it�s just what she knows she can handle is a lot more than most other people. She can however end up so certain of her superiority it cycles into a certain lazy attitude- a feeling of �why bother�, and even a certain ennui at times of not having peers- and a feeling of overwhelming attachment when she does find one. She easily finds herself feeling lonely, and thus likes being the life of the party- and she�ll have a party if there isn�t one.

In Fumdon she befriends Luna as her local contact regarding magic and takes advantage of Oswald as an investigator to give her clues towards [macguffin], which ends up leading to a small romance.


Sally Rook

27 y.o.



Fumdon, [UK]

A local from Fumdon, Sally's had a drive to learn about people and the world and for people and the world to learn about her. Grew up with [Joe Sushi] and ends up getting a job at The Barrel Bee, an international newspaper, becoming a colleague of Oswald and Walter, and leading to meeting Lalla, whom she crushes on and ends up developing a romance with.

Sally seeks the truth, no matter what, even if it's hard news. She'd never willingly partake in smear campaigns or general tabloid behaviour, and she's willing to put herself in danger if it helps get a story. With a strong nature and passion for work, she often clashes with her superiors or peers. She's a quick thinker and has high reflexes and deduction skills.

Her weakness is her rude manner when she gets caught up in her drive. She'll puff herself up, namedropping connections and exaggerating them, if there's an audience. She'll accidentally insult people by speaking unfiltered. She's a good person but vain and will use any chance to make herself shine brighter.

Joe Seiuti

28 y.o.


Likes Men

Fumdon, [UK]

Sally's "partner-in-crime". He grew up with her and is her best friend. Son of a Raibian migrant family, he's introverted and shy, and interested in new technologies, which has led to him getting a job in the burgeoning TV industry.

He's incredibly skilled as a camera worker but wouldn't get into movie-making- he prefers documentaries, to capture the truth of things, which is where he relates the most with Sally.

His weakness is that shyness. He lets himself be walked over and prefers to hide behind the camera quietly.

Oliver Willie

61 y.o.


Likes Women

Fumdon, [UK]


Lalla�s mentor. He is a good-humoured and witty sport fighter, but circumstances can cause him to behave eccentrically. He means well for his friends and family and is always willing to aid the local street kids and their friends out whenever they need help or just emotional support. When serious matters are afoot and a point needs to be made however, he will become a very direct and serious man.

Despite his oddities, Oliver is a wise man, who, very much like Lalla, can surprise by using his intellect when faced with problems. His passion in his old age lies in researching and discovering new technologies for racing. He always wants to understand and examine such subjects as thoroughly as possible.

He can get too focused on his own things, and while well-meaning, his help can be brunt and harsh- "tough love". He also has an inherent distrust of the higher rungs of society to the point of stumbling into immediate dislike of anyone he judges as "too fancy".

S�vremoine Souris

18 y.o.



Arbre-Sur-Mer, Lancier


A young girl from Lancier. The daughter of a scientist, looking for her sisters after a lab accident separated them all. Oliver Willie picked her up from the streets of Wodenmouth and has taken her under his wing. She's a natural fighter and musician, a wise-cracking jokester who can't resist jabbing at friend or foe, with a general theatrical disposition she uses to her advantage- using disguises and quick wits for her own advantage.

She's compassionate and loves to help, but can get testy if people try to help her instead, feeling it can drag people into her issues. She can also easily lose her temper, but also quickly cools and apologises. She's a thrill seeker and a bit of a casanova, flirting left and right, to the point she can be easy to trick by anyone with a pretty face.

She can be arrogant about her skills and having issues with teamwork or planning, and can be vain. She can be extremely impatient and wants to do everything by herself rather than wait for others. She can however admit fault in the end- provided it won't wound her pride too much.

She can't swim and is therefore afraid of bodies of water.

Sullivan Kidd

51 y.o.


Likes Women

[Havana], [Cuba]


Sullivan Kidd grew up one of the last great old school pirates, a gallant figure who steals from the rich to drink with the poor. Having been a pirate since he was a child, he saw himself on other children and loved giving them the chance to join his crew and have an adventure- despite how this all sounds, it really was genuine, no attempt at taking advantage. In effect, he was a child in an adult body, in love with the fantasy of piratedom.

On his last trip he made it to wonderworld looking for the mythical Golden Goose, and after that he got deposed by his own Quartermaster and son, Joey Kidd- leading to the breakdown of his Crew. He now lives his days in Poindexter telling children the stories of his adventures and the adventures he heard in his childhood.

Joey Kidd

35 y.o.


Likes Women

[Dublin], [Ireland]


Son of Sullivan Kidd, a bombastic pirate who was part of his father's crew. He's ambitious and sure of his being an amazing pirate, but in the end is moreso a goofy silly presence.

He's very self-aware and worried with what people think of him, especially his own crew, exaggerating events and painting himself as big as he can. He's also often conniving and selfish, being willing to betray people if there's gain to himself.

As part of his deliberate thought-out persona, he uses exaggerated pseudo-nautical language. He�s incredibly prone to accidents.

Filch Nick

52 y.o. (dead)


Likes Women

[Pretoria], [South Africa]


Filch was the cook on the Kidd Pirate Crew, and stayed even after Joey Kidd's mutiny and take-over of the crew. His loyalty to this ship and crew is so that he stayed even after being shot by his captain for stealing an extra biscuit, becoming a ghost cook- a problem considering that those who then have to eat his cooking are the living, who find his sense of taste has diminished after his death.

Filch's a poltergeist, meaning despite being a ghost, he can interact with physical objects. He manages to often forget this unless doing acts that call upon his muscle memory as a living being, such as using his cooking utensils. Luckily for him, his own captain also manages to forget often that he's able to do this.


Bernard Quigley

57 y.o.


Likes Women

[Garforth], [UK]


An aging professor from the University of [Oxford] with knowledge of archaeology. Normally a quiet type, happy to live in his dusty books, he�s fallen into immorality, joining Joey Kidd�s crew to try and find ancient treasure.

Felix T. Cat

24 y.o.



Fumdon, [UK]

Born to an absent father and impoverished mother, Felix had a rough start in life- until he avoided being sent to a workhouse by joining the Kidd Pirate Crew when he was about 9 as a cook�s assistant.

He picked up skills in the performance arts with them and went on various adventures, meeting other kids joining the crew like Jackie and Minnie and even ending up having a teenage tryst with Jackie. He was part of the crew that got to see the Golden Goose and broke apart after Joey Kidd�s mutiny.

In his late teenage years, he got picked by an empresario and taken to Waldsimia, leading to a booming career in movies in [Hollywood].

Prudence Prim

20 y.o.


Likes Women

[Brooklyn], United Waldsimia


Prudence had a rough childhood, with a father nearly always absent due to looking for any work he could and a mother of rough health, that she cared for the best she could. She grew up a tomboy, feeling other girls judged her for her poor conditions.

Eventually she started falling in love with movies as she started going to the theatre every single day she could go to. She won an acting contest and spent her days hanging around movie studios and agencies asking for parts, until finally landing a side role at age 17, and from there slowly gaining more and more parts, especially after the studio positioned her as leading woman to Felix�s leading man.


Kurt Dandleton

26 y.o.


Likes Women

[Wrexham], [UK]

A young man with the sixth sense who can speak to spirits and dabbles in the occult.

He�s used his skills to become a hustler and trickster- befriending a ghost, John, the two of them run a scam where John will pretend to haunt a mark, and Kurt will get paid for �exorcising� him away.

This ran him into trouble when he tried playing the trick on a rich nobleman who turned out to be a member of the Ordine Tempesta. Now he�s on the run, still using his tricks to try and make his living.








17 y.o. (dead)


Likes Women

[Tras-os-Montes], Aguaval

Aguavenese ghost helping Kurt escape from the Tempesta. He and Kurt do a double-act scam, where John poltergeists a locale, Kurt pretends to exorcise him, and reaps the rewards. His actual name is Jo�o but he goes by John which is easier for foreigners to pronounce. He died in Aguaval seeing a great injustice be done, which has kept him in this life until he can see justice done- problem is enough time has passed he doesn�t fully remember what it IS he saw.










Thomas �Terrible Tom� Nipperton

43 y.o.


Likes Women

Silva Oscura, United Waldsimia


The eldest of the infamous Nipperton brothers, children of Master Wallace Nipperton. He started his career with general street thievery, graduating to heists and bank robberies and organising assassinations and crimes for hire. He works with his middle brother sometimes for smuggling and holds his youngest brother in contempt. He's a seasoned, cunning and business-savvy criminal of any general activity, working with self-assurance and confidence. He's malicious and pitiless, toying with his victims, grinning and smugly laughing, and he won't think twice about sentencing someone else to death. He's got a cynical and patronising attitude, having no romantic notions of the lifestyle he leads, and valuing sheer strength and power over popularity or treasure. He lacks any code of honour and will betray anyone as fast as he deems it necessary.

He's very quick to get angry if ever insulted, and by his own admission, can lose reason. Of course, he has no such qualms about insulting others, belittling anyone he dislikes as inferior to him. When fighting he acts coolly and in control, and sadistically willing to let someone suffer and slowly die. He shows no concern for those who work for him beyond what's needed for his goals or plans, and is willing to sacrifice them if needed, seeing them only as pawns.


Petrus �Pete� Nipperton

36 y.o.


Likes Women

Silva Oscura, United Waldsimia

The middle one of the Nipperton brothers. From a young age helped his family in crime, but always preferred leaning back and working from behind the scenes- as much as possible, aims to get the rewards and not the attention for anything he does. He ended up getting involved in the commercial shipping business, with smuggling as his speciality, especially after becoming the captain of his own vessel, the Steamboat Willie.

He's a loudmouth, with a mix of courage and cowardice, and surprisingly high wits mixed with the demeanour of a stupid brute. When having the advantage of a situation he's strong and fearsome, if losing it he quickly becomes week and ridiculous. He's deceptive, power-hungry, and greedy, but unlike his older brother, he takes the crew he's assembled seriously as a group of comrades. He can act compassionate and caring towards them, and seems to genuinely want their well-being, even if just out of a sense of transaction with them- they help him, so he'll help them, unless it really is to his advantage not to. He's also got a thirst for thrills.

He has a voracious appetite and carefree attitude, but competitive and reckless nature. He has a strong belief in fate and predestination, and thus no sense of "good" and "evil"- that everything happens because it must, and thus he's free to act as he wants. This means he also tends to not hold grudges even against those who acted against him. He tends to act polite but sarcastic, even mocking sometimes. He can also be surprisingly patient and put up with pretences if he feels it'll be to his advantage- but if betraying someone, still shows respect to them.

He can be very overconfident in battle, which tends to result in his defeat when he's taken too much time taunting or chatting and has led to him filling his crew with other dangerous criminals, even if they're likely to try and betray him in the future.

Julius Nipperton

25 y.o.


Likes Men

Silva Oscura, United Waldsimia

Youngest of the Nipperton brothers. Like his brothers he started in basic street crime, blackmailing, and hustling, but he's chosen to fashion himself after a Gentleman Thief persona. Sensitive and kind-hearted, he'll go to great lengths to right injustice he sees, choosing to steal only from those he judges deserve the loss. He travels the world with a small network of contacts that help him in heists and trying to avoid his brothers. He's intelligent but childish, laughing in the face of danger and always having a trick up his sleeve- or thinking he does. He thrives on the act of thievery more than on the objects he steals, sometimes not even minding if he can't have the item so long as he's enjoyed the thieving. He uses humour as a defence and pretends things are fine when they're not. He can't hold himself from performing to his perceived audience, and while a good judge of character, can be gullible.

Oddly, he does not dream.

Billie Ecclesia

32 y.o.



[Canberra], [Australia]






A bounty hunter by trade, Billie's come to Waldsimia looking for a bounty, getting involved with Tom Nipperton's group and becoming his second-in-command and occasional fling.

She's overconfident and doesn't take her opponents seriously, greeting any situation with a laugh and letting her mooks do the speaking for her. She enjoys being unnecessarily cruel but has high loyalty to those who respect her. She's nonchalant about anything she must do no matter how gruesome and possesses a talent for leadership she uses at the end of a weapon.

She abhors being ignored, and her overconfidence can end up resulting in her being defeated.

Donna Bill

30 y.o.


Likes Men

[Winnipeg], [Canada]






First Mate to Captain Nipperton. She's often seen drinking booze, having enough of a tolerance that she feels emboldened to fight but not enough to be incapacitated.

She's dry and sarcastic and overconfident, with the skills to back up her bravado but frustration as to when others interfere with her cool guy persona.

She often winds up her mooks with sarcasm, getting furious when teased back.

Her main weakness is her overbearing arrogance, which takes her into complacency and underestimation of opponents, leading to her just dues being given to her halfway through some snippy remark.

Alice Comedia

27 y.o.


Likes Men

Silva Oscura, United Waldsimia






Julius' partner-in-crime. She's easily amused, loyal, and jolly, brawling over petty things. She's professional, sensible, and analytical, but also grumpy and rude and sullen, especially if worrying over Julius or a job. She has a very dry and ironic sense of humour and outright enjoys taking part on the capers even if not openly showing it.

She serves as the voice of reason to Julius' impulses and dreams of grandeur, both due to being his friend, and out of a sense of professional pride. In the end she knows she'll always end up carried to whatever wacky scheme he has in mind, though. She can have a rough temper and get easily angry at any joke that doesn't land with her, though.

She's often afraid of going to the dentist, and on her free time she enjoys watching sports, fishing, gambling, and listening to classical music. She drinks in her free time, and usually goes for loch whiskey. When eating in a group, she's infamous for stealing everyone's meat if no one notices her.

Micael �Mickey Mouse� Camundongo

21 y.o.


Likes Women

[S�o Paulo], Tinto


A Tintoan mouse who's made his way to Captain Nipperton's crew as part of innocent unaware hires that Pete uses as a cover for the smuggling.

He's got a heart of gold but little temper, befitting his small stature which he minds being pointed out. For better or worse he wears his heart on his sleeve, and will always speak his mind.

He loves a good scrap, and gets too hot under the collar to see the bigger picture- he sees something calling for his brand of justice and he goes to fight, no matter any consequences. He enjoys competing with Lalla once he meets her- a clash of egos from similar personalities. His temper and shortsightedness outpaces her though.

He's befriended [Tekno] after meeting her in the steamboat, with the events leading to them having brotherly trust- he trusts her to create the cybermobile he drives for her, no matter all the experimental and possibly unstable weaponry shoved in. [Tekno]'s a good balance to him, removing him from his grumbling and anger, usually by clowning about; he in turn tries to get her out of her fugue moments where she gets too distracted with herself, and isn't that good at it, but is better than most.

He goes by the rules as long as it suits him, and blows it all up as soon as it doesn't. He can get emotional and unpredictable.


Guglielmina �Minnie� Toppi

23 y.o.


Likes Men

[Milan], Viniperia

Viniperian orphan mouse raised by a local priest and who made her way to the Kidd Pirate Crew, where she became a general performer, entertainer, musician. Once the crew disbanded, she's made a career out of being a travelling performer, keeping contact with Jackie and the others by mail.

She's a kind girl who keeps deeply for her friends, tomboyish and outgoing, cheerful, hard-working, and focused. She can get annoyed easily but is slow to get into genuine anger, plus quick to forgive, and fiercely loyal to her friends, to the point of being willing to make virtually any sacrifice.

She has no issue doing any task that's needed, even if humiliating, but can be self-conscious over feeling she doesn't have too much strength to stand up for herself physically if needed. However, she's not beyond using her charms to get her way, a cute appeal for help or wink of long eyelashes often giving her what she needs.

If in an argument, she often can't think of proper insults, and ends up with kiddy or silly swears that just end up making those she's arguing against lose their anger by laughing.



26 y.o.



Fumdon, [UK]







A technician working for Vogalsienne and one of the main engineers of the Cybermobiles, she actually hates his plans and secretly aids those who fight him.

She's adventurous and spends her days creating gadgets, then trying to find chances to use them. She has a genius intellect in general sciences, especially engineering. She has her own secret lab in Fumdon.

She's driven by scientific fascination, and as such gets along with Jackie, sharing her adventurous spirit. While Jackie wants to experience new things, Tekno wants to examine them. She's also a close friend of Mickey.

[Tekno] is obcessive about her hobbies, to the point of slipping into her own real world, losing sleep and missing appointments, sometimes. She can get so focused she loses sight of the big picture- missing a cue from friends or admiring the worksmanship of her enemies even while under attack.

She takes everything in stride, and jokes about everything- which often helps get Mickey out of one of his angst sessions.

She becomes preoccupied with her interests so easily that she'll miss something obvious.

Eugene Edward Bear

32 y.o.



[Chelsea], [UK]


Poet who befriended Minnie. He�s na�ve, friendly, thoughtful, and steadfast, but generally simple of mind, except for the occasional moments of cleverness that come from moments of common sense. He�s very fond of food, to the point of fighting between his gluttony and politeness. He�s very social, and spends most of his time with friends, acting as a dilettante but with integrity. He�s very kind-hearted.


Luna Miller

34 y.o.



Mohrib, Khemia



An alchemist who runs a caf� in Fumdon after studying magic for 15 years with a travelling troupe. She's developed a love for nature and ecology, using nature as the base for her simple magic. She keeps connections to hidden colleges, and alchemic studies.

She's a bit empty-headed at times, with a polite but serious attitude, easily annoyed towards certain types of people. She can get into some vain traits like gossip, and she loves make-up. She appears rude and arrogant towards new people, self-centred, talking about herself and her own experiences, but she means well in the end.

Oswald Rabbit

28 y.o.


Likes Women

[San Francisco], United Waldsimia


A Waldsimian journalist who believes and searches for the supernatural. He's been run off from Waldsimia as a crazy person, moving to the [UK] and joining the newspaper "The Barrel Bee", where he keeps trying to do pieces about the supernatural and occult while forced to do fluff pieces to keep his pay.

He always wears a beat-down seersucker suit, and a straw porkpie hat, usually carrying a tape recorder and notepad.

He's a natural sceptic who according to himself trusts nobody, and shows little respect for authority figures, but he also has a sense of the world being as it is and not as it "should" be and therefore if evidence convinces him of something he accepts it, even if others would find it outlandish or hard to believe.

He often uses disguises to infiltrate places to find the information he wants and can generally be annoying to the point of madness - and to the point of letting slip information.

Walter Finchell

26 y.o.


Likes Women

[Croydon], [UK]


Gossip column reporter for The Barrel Bee who acts as a rival to Oswald and Sally. Judgemental of others, conniving and backstabbing.


Damona Hallemeyer

103 y.o.



[Trentino-South Tyrol], Viniperia



A vampire from northern Viniperia. A young peasant girl many years ago, she got converted; with much effort she travelled the world looking for a cure, only managing to find an ancient ritual that sacrifices most of her vampiric powers in exchange for sacrificing most of her weaknesses, allowing her things like walking over running water or having a lower hunger for blood, which she takes care of with small animals.

She's a calm and collected person with legendary fighting skills as the result of a near century of travels, and some basic vampiric abilities like increased speed or short amounts of wall-walking, which she tries to use only as a last result. She's resourceful, thoughtful, contemplative, and a lone wolf of sorts- though the partner she's picked up over the years, Coimbra, helps her come out of her shell.

She takes the time to puzzle through problems and think them to their conclusion, but can end up stubbornly stuck on the solution she's gotten to.

Coimbra Sobre-Os-Ventos

25 y.o. (dead)


Likes Women

[Coimbra], Aguavem


Damona's ghost partner, they met during one of Damona's travels, and after dealing with a local phenomenon that had killed Coimbra, they fell in love. They now share eternity.

Coimbra is a kind-hearted person who will try to see things from others' point of view, to an extreme- she can outright almost read minds. She looks frail and has gentle manneirisms, so she can look like a pushover, easy to overpower. She can, however, surprisingly forceful when she decides to do something.

She can often seem she's isolated through her own world, not paying attention, drifting through things in an almost content and ignorant composure. She can however inadvertently become emotional almost on the behalf of those around her if she can feel their emotions.

She's na�ve, unaware of the modern world, and looks to Damona for guidance in navigating it, which can lead to the pair, both out-of-time, leading each other in error. She helps Damona work through her stubbornness with gentleness, or not-so-gentleness sometimes.

She can be too willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and be taken advantage of, and she tends to miss any modern cultural expressions.


Truce O�Brady

30 y.o.


Likes Men

[Ballyvourney], [Ireland]





A renegade member of a secret order of monster hunters who is ambitious, underhanded, and overconfident. She's a thrill seeker and enjoys the hunt, but her primary objective is to gain power from supernatural means. She's ruthless and blunt, with attempts at subterfuge eventually tending to be cut short by her drive to fight and grab what she wants.

Lord Thomas �VogalsiennePoitnoir, Duke of Appleborough

47 y.o.


Secret identity of millionnaire Thomas Poitnoir, Duke of Appleborough. He wants world domination out of a sheer arrogance and desire for power over others,and uses a robot suit to disguise himself. Operates from Castle Vogalsienne, on Lancier, and has a mobile base in the form of the Airship St. Anne.

He's a genius, tactically and scientifically. He's like a cauldron of rage, constantly bubbling- he'll be calm and collected, but when having an advantage he can't help but gloat, and as soon as things get out of his control he can't avoid but explode in rageful fits. Vogalsienne is a genius, both tactically and scientifically, and wishes to rule the planet with an iron fist. To this end, he constructs armies of killer vehicles called Cybermobiles, to be used by his goons.

While Vogalsienne has no physical abilities of his own, he is a cunning strategist, capable of building machines to suit any occasion. Get as imaginative as you like with his plans - give him personalised gadgets, failsafes, and redundancies to wriggle his way out of any situation! However, being a genius does not mean that Vogalsienne is clairvoyant. Try to avoid any scenarios where his forethought is unreasonably specific, or you can justify inconsistent behaviour with �he�s a genius.�

Vogalsienne is petulant, he�s selfish, he�s vindictive, he�s jealous, he�s petty, and he�s always angry that others don�t appreciate his magnificence. Nothing he does is a half-measure, and everything he does is pushed to the extreme. When he�s winning, he�s on top of the world, wearing a comical grin, gloating, taunting, and making sadistic jokes. When he�s losing, the cauldron spills over into childish outbursts, tantrums, and unreasonable demands for his mooks. This can be a source of comedy, of course, but also of drama.

Vogalsienne is a balancing act of comical and menacing traits and we can�t tip the scale too heavily in either direction. We want Vogalsienne to have a genuine presence.


Professor Huminori Gorira

53 y.o.



Genetics-focused evil scientist. Has tested in himself to give himself electric powers. He's lucid and more sympathetic than others, preferring to threaten than to harm; he's flamboyant and showoffy, and immature. Gorira has a relaxed, laid-back, and even lazy personality, seemingly appearing to believe he cannot lose. In general, he prefers to avoid fighting altogether, or at least fighting his enemy directly, ordering one of his subordinates to do so. His proclivity to delegate tasks to his minions is also a weakness in and of itself, along with making exceptions to act out himself should his personal pride or power be questioned; he's grown weak from his lack of training. His overconfidence and laziness made him underestimate his opponents.


Rev Arael

41 y.o.





Intelligent and respects those he deems worthy, calm, collected, well-spoken and graceful. Arrogant. However, he's got a thirst for power, and is ruthless and vengeful when needed. He believes it's his role to lead the planet to salvation, and wants to use the Bells to reach that end.



35 y.o.



Martial artist and painter who tavels the world to improve his craft. His dream is to convey the thrill of a fight on the canvas.


Warren Vuyverrin 21 y.o.


Mechanic and inventor, tinkerer, husband to Deborah Vuyverrin. Takes more of a support role in the adventuring, not being as fighting capable as the others. He's driven by scientific fascination, and wants to discover new things to study, in his adventures. He's obcessive about his hobbies and slips away into his own world, misses the forest for the trees. Relaxed, low-maintenance about his life. Overfixates on useless details too easily. Was a close friend of Lalla and part of her squad in the War, where he met his future wife, Deborah. They now live in New Wolk.


Deborah Vuyverrin 25 y.o.


N�e Foreman. Another member of Lalla�s team, was her girlfriend but ended up finding lasting love in Warren instead. Married him and moved with him to New Wolk. Likely there�s some resentment from Lalla towards the two.


Motoo H. Fujio

37 y.o.



Sort of a Nick Fury figure. Was Lalla�s superior in the War.



42 y.o.



An ogre who owns an island off the coast of New Wolk. Possibly the recipient of Vogalsienne�s smuggled Cybermobiles


Elias Darber

49 y.o.



visionary magnate wanting to create his ideal perfect city, Ferrombria. Easily manipulated by malicious parties such as Vogalsienne.


Ms. Paulyne

49 y.o.


Likes Men

[Milton Keynes], [UK]


Member of the World Gossip Agency


Cosmo Katt

31 y.o.


Likes Men

Polwall, United Waldsimia


vigilante warrior active in New Wolk. Rumoured to be part of Swift Return.





Waldsimia [America] � A continent and often the name of the biggest country in it, United Waldsimia. Divided in North and South

Azume [Europe] � A small continent across the [Atlantic Ocean] from Waldsimia

Rubia [Asia] � A large continent East of Azume, home of many ancient civilisations

Folica [Africa] � A huge continent South of Azume, with often a warm or even hot climate, deserts, jungles

Sulmavia [Australia] � A continent South of Rubia. Is in effect a giant island.

Antartica The most southern continent

Aguaval [Portugal] � Smaller waterfront country, the most Westernmost point of continental Azume

Vincente [Lisbon] � Capital City of Aguaval

Lancier [France] � Big country in Azume

Arbre-sur-Mer - a location in Northern Lancier

Viniperia [Italy] � neighbouring country to Lancier

Hergolo [Monaco] � a small independent country in the south of Lancier

Monte Euclide [Monte Carlo] � a small district of Hergolo

Fumdon [London] � Capital of [United Kingdom]

Radford � Neighbourhood of East Fumdon

Tournament Village � Area of Radford that�s hosting the Nadrabovitchka Tournament

Selena Caf� [Groovy Train] � Luna�s Caf� in East Fumdon

Wodenmouth � empoverished seaside town, Lalla�s birthplace.

Oliver�s - Oliver Willie�s boxing club in Wodenmouth

Minnlie Square [Mickley Square] - Location

Lochbia � Scotland

Poincaster Capital of Contessa [UK Caribbean colony]

New Wolk [New York] � Massive metropolis in the East Coast of Waldsimia

Silva Oscura [Los Angeles] � Largest city of the state of [California], West Coast of Waldsimia

Tinto [Brasil] � Big country in South Waldsimia, former Aguavalense colony. Named after trees with red insides, called Pau Tinto

Rio Carioca [Rio de Janeiro] � Biggest city of Tinto

Khemia [Egypt] � country in northern Folica with a famous ancient civilisation

Mohrib [Cairo] � Capital of Khemia

Varmland [Morocco] - desert country. Calls itself الكثيب, Alkathib.

Yurre [China] � Big country in Rubia. They call themselves Shuguo (), Tree Country. Uses Wade-Giles

Luse Shan - Green Mountain. Location in Yurre 绿色山

Seilao [Hong Kong AND Macao] � independent small country near Yurre with [UK] and Aguavenese influence

Raibi - Japan parallel. They call themselves Umikabe 海壁, Sea Wall. Uses Nihon-Shiki

Valdjopia Reclusive Island country halfway between Rubia and Folica. Every 11 years organises the Nadjablitch Tournament, interchangeably at home or at a host country, for diplomatic purposes. Secretly an empire of drones controlled by a supercomputer Emperor, the highest element of sci-fi in the setting and way beyond anything else.



The War [Stand-in for WW1 and 2 and Vietnam and so on] � happened some 4 years before the present and was between Allied Front and [Axis]

Royal Army � [United Kingdom] Army, Lalla was a part of

Swift Return Programme � secret Army programme Lalla was a part of. Classified, rumoured about publicly.

Grand Lodge of Nations [League of Nations] � Political body formed after the War where all countries convene for diplomatic collaboration or confrontation, hoping to avoid actual armed conflict

World Gossip Agency � world agency of gossippers, information network

Runabout Tours � illegal street races in cheapo homemade cars and bikes

Nadrabovitchka Tournament � Big tournament from the Valdjopian Empire hosted in Fumdon. Like Olympic martial arts competition. Secretly a cover for an underground kumite for the rich and powerful.

Oscura Gazette, Universal Magazine, Daily Footprint, The Devil, The Seeker, The Silva Defence, The Talking Cricket, The Barrel Bee � newspapers in Silva Oscura. The Barrel Bee originates from the [UK] and is where Oswald and Sally work for.

Cybermobile anthropomorphised armoured vehicles- think a car with arms and legs

Airship St. Anne � Big warship planned and eventually built by Vogalsienne.

Ordine Tempesta - Sorcerers, originally from a town in Viniperia

Kowang-Jen Bells � mysterious ancient artifacts. It�s said if enough of them are rung, an eldricht ancient God shall awaken.

�Radford Sheriffs� - Press name for Jackie, Lalla and Lily, deputised by the Urban Police Service as civilian overseers of Radford for the duration of the weeks leading to the Tournament and during the Tournament

Water Golem - elemental creature used for basic combat.

Magic � The magic system in this setting is arcane and difficult. In general the best you�ll get from the average person is similar to real life- divination, people claiming to read the future in cards and sense water currents with dowsing systems, etc.

Now, it�s important to note, big M MAGIC does exist. Fireballs and transformation and supernatural. But generally it requires the use of life force, qi, whatever you call it. This means that in