As you play the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, you come face to face with a ladybug-themed robot. By the end of development, what did the game's creators call this robot?

Very early in the franchise's history, there were a series of Japanese manga and stories published in magazines for very young children. According to these, Sonic was a shy little hedgehog called Nicky, living in Hedgehog Town, with his sister and with friends Amy Rose and... (blank)? What is the name of the other friend? Extra half point if you can tell me what's notable about his sister's name.
(Little John. Sister's notable for having the name be Anita or Tania)

In Sonic CD's Japanese manual, the specifications for Metal Sonic are given. What does his engine use as fuel? For an extra half-point, give me a famous claimed real world use for said fuel.
(Orgon. Real world use for Orgon is weather control cannons)

Various stages got cut during the development of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Megadrive. However, graphics were made for them, resulting in some mockup screenshots making it to media coverage, including one depicting a desert area. What is the name of the stage represented?
(Sand Shower Zone)

An unreleased game from the early days of the franchise is the puzzle game SegaSonic Bros. Its designer is better known for a game from a non-Sonic franchise- what game?
(Fukio Mitsuji, Bubble Bobble)

Back in the early days of the franchise various concepts were still getting decided, and different development teams used different concepts, such as the number of Chaos Emeralds. What game contains the most amount of Chaos Emeralds, and what is the exact number available? Half a point for game name, full for exact number.
(Sonic Spinball, 16 Emeralds)

To promote the videogame Sonic 3 in the UK, a song from a popular band was slightly reworked from its album release and released as a single. What band sung it?
(Right Said Fred)

The cancelled game Sonic X-Treme had multiple assets made for it, including a tentative prototypical soundtrack. What's the name of the track most commonly associated with the game?
(Space Queens)

The 8-bit Sonic games had their titles often changed in localisation. What was the localised name of the japanese game Sonic Drift 2?
(Sonic Drift 2)

What is the name of the (possibly) delivery company that advertises with stickers in the walls and objects of Station Square as seen in the At Dawn segment of Speed Highway?
(R Express)

In Sonic Shuffle, the goddess Illumina gets split into two characters. What are their full names?
(Void and Lumina Flowlight)

In Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge the Bat at multiple points obtains documents about the history of the Space Station Ark, one of which being the 23rd report on Project Shadow. According to it, what are two elements working correctly within the prototype of the Project?
(Eternal Engine and Organ to Start the Chaos Control)

As advertised in Sonic Adventure 2's billboards, a new device called the DID- Digi-Internet Device- has come out. How many GB of RAM does it promise in its advert? Will take closest number within reason.
(84 GB)

In Sonic Heroes, you play as three different characters in turn, which makes an enemy you find at multiple points of the game that can trap the characters you're not controlling especialy aggravating. What's the name of the enemy?

In the videogame Sonic Battle, you face off against multiple robots known as "Phi". What's notable about their name?
(Their number code is wrong within the E-Series)

In the animation Sonic X, one of the main characters, Chris, has a father, Nelson, and in turn a grandfather, Chuck, who is Nelson's father. How old was Chuck when he had Nelson?

In November 2016 the first registered 100% complete segmented speedrun for the videogame Shadow the Hedgehog was posted, covering all A Ranks, Secret Keys, Special Weapons, and Library Entries. What was the time of this speedrun? Closest answer wins if within reasonable distance.
(181 hours 14 minutes and 47 seconds)

Shadow the Hedgehog was the first spinoff Sonic videogame focused on the black hedgehog. What's the second?
(Shadow Shoot)

The DS game Sonic Rush is beloved for its soundtrack, which has a heavy use of samples. Who voices the vocal samples used in the track Metal Scratchin'?
(Mel Blanc)

A beloved NPC in the game Sonic the Hedgehog from 2006 is Hatsun the Pigeon. Cut text from the game reveals a dark secret about this character- what is it?
(It's a robot disguised as a pigeon)

What's notable about the drowning sequence in Sonic Generations?
(the visible numbers start at 4 rather than 5)

There are three videogames in the franchise that depict Dr. Eggman using a gun. Sonic Adventure 2 and... (point for each)
(Riders and Lost World)

What other species is the character Lyric from Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric represented at in concept art for the game?

In concept art for Sonic Forces, we see there were other species thought of for the Avatar character. Among all the species shown, one is notable and stands out. Which one?